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March 22, 2010


Donna Maria Coles Johnson

This is so exciting, Funlayo! Thank you for sharing from your adventure. I can't wait to learn more! I know that when these ladies are ready to cross the ocean, you'll be waiting for them with open arms!


Hi dM. Looking forward to sharing more of their stories with the Indie Network. The next Africa Shea Conference will be in Ghana in 2011, start packing your bags because you need to be there!

Meagan Lynne

Its fantastic to see women working together like this. Traditional African Shea butter is the absolute best. I hope I can use theirs in the future!


It is unfortunate that most of the African middle men often exploit the producers of Shea butter. I wonder what conference would be held when thousands of tones of Shea butter is left out without sales.

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