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August 12, 2009



hmmm.....I can't wait to try it.
Is it a product you might carry in the future at Shea Radiance?


Maybe. Once you get the sample in the mail. Play around with it and let me know what you think.


i,m actually going to try this out, one would be surprised that some of these natural products may even have a surprisingly good effect on the skin


I use cam wood regularly in my liquid soap. it makes the skin baby soft, gives it a healthy glow and make you look youthful. it's a great nature beauty which many people are yet to discover. it has been used for years by local African women for beauty purpose.

Pure skincare

Is it helpful or not for oily skin?


It's good for all skin types. It makes the skin feel amazing


I would be interested in buying camwood. Can anyone direct me to a source?


Please I have search for the camwood and sandalwood at the market,they seems not to know it.culd u pls give me their local names.I wii be very grateful if u do so.tank u.

eczema free forever

I read some threads yesterday about the benefits of black soap on hair and skin and when I went to my local beauty store for some african butter and ran across this: t's called Jelly Jelly soap and has the same color as black soap online and is made from honey, shea butter, pottasium palmkernelate, sodium palmkernelate, glycerine, aloe vera, lime juice, lemon juice, water, and fragrance. I bought it since it was 6 bucks but I came home and haven't been able to find anything about it online except this picture! Can anyone tell me if this is a type of black soap?


It's mostly sold by the women selling 'Agbo:'. They know it also as camwood. It's also usually mixed with black soap which they also sell


This women selling agbo stuff or ewe Omo sell it.Just ask of osun I.e I nigeria

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