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April 22, 2008



Thanks for sharing your story! Long ago, I lived in London for ten years as of my marriage to a Brit. Each time I traveled through customs, coming home to the US, I felt the customs officials were hostile and curious about my status, as if I'd abandoned our nation. They'd actually ask why I was living abroad--certainly not an official inquiry. So, I agree: it's important to speak up. No matter what the policy, officials should be kept aware of the impact they have on the people they encounter in the course of their working day. It's one way to press for a more positive "climate" at home & abroad ...


I'm sorry to hear about the experience you encountered. I'm also glad to know that a simple apology rectified the situation.
I cannot say that I have been questioned about my immigration status however as a Black American I have experienced and witnessed the unfavorable "special treatment" people of color get here in the States.

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